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Yoka Power understands the value and criticality of maintaining a close eye on your data center environment. That's why we are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of monitoring products from Veris Industries, a leading supplier of energy and environmental sensors and control peripherals for Commercial HVAC and Energy Management applications. Our offering includes:

E5x Series
Monitor panels, individual CRACS, chillers or fans

The E5x Series offers ultimate versatility in power monitoring with a wide choice in mounting options, inputs, outputs and communication protocols. The compact size of the meters allows multiple devices to be mounted in the same panel, saving installation time and costs.

H80xx Series Power Transducers
Monitor power distribution equipment and generators

The Enercept H80xx Series combines measurement electronics and split-core CTs into one convenient package, reducing installation time and costs, and providing easy system integration via pulse, analog or Modbus RTU. The H80xx is self-powered, self-contained, and ideally suited for sub-metering applications.

H8400 Series Power Meter 400 Series Power Meter
Shadow utility metering

The H8400 Series shadows utility metering and monitors UPSs, emergency generators, and other power distribution equipment (up to 600V) with ANSI C12.16 level accuracy.

E30 Series Solid-Core Panelboard Monitoring for PDUs & RPPsPDUs & RPPs
Main breaker & individual circuit monitoring, co-location billing

Monitor power use for up to two mains and 84 branch circuits to manage your energy costs.

E31 Series Split-Core Panelboard Monitoring for PDUs & RPPsorfor PDUs & RPPs
Main breaker & individual circuit monitoring, co-location billing (retrofit installs)

The E30 Series allows you to easily add power monitoring for mains and branch circuits to existing panelboards, PDUs and RPPs.

H8238 Multi-Circuit Meter 8238 Multi-Circuit Meter
Monitoring for large loads

Save labor and installation costs by monitoring up to eight three-phase (or six three-phase plus neutral) circuits with one device.

MSx Series Occupancy Sensorses Occupancy Sensors
Control lighting use in areas with sporadic traffic

The MSx Series reduces energy consumption and controls energy waste by lighting a room only when it’s occupied.

HW Series Humidity Sensors Series Humidity Sensors
For critical equipment

The HW Series of humidity sensors are polarity insensitive two-wire 4-20mA or 3-wire 0-5/0-10VDC devices, with a fully interchangeable element that is easily replaced in the field.

TW & TD Temperature Sensors
Control and maintain a comfortable environment; regulate hot and cold aisles

Monitor temperature levels, minimizing energy used with our thermistor, RTD, and transmitter devices. Veris offers a wide variety of mounting options from wall and duct mount, to averaging sensors that accurately monitor temperature in all settings.

LD Series
Leak detection

Be alerted to water leaks early; avoid costly equipment damage and downtime.

PX Series Pressure Sensor X Series Pressure Sensor
Subfloor monitoring and room pressure control

Reduce the chance of equipment overheating by ensuring optimal subfloor pressure and maintain positive room pressure control.

H971 DC Current Transducer & EA10 DC String Monitor
Monitor DC loads

Provide accurate load level monitoring of DC current loads.


 Veris Data Center Monitoring Data Sheet