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Ideal for high-density data centers, Eaton Environmental Rack Monitors (ERMs) continuously monitor environmental conditions at the rack level, providing an extra level of security for critical assets. Other applications for the compact, full-featured devices include laboratories, hospitals, warehouses, libraries and museums.
  • Monitors temperature and humidity at two locations in a rack, as well as the status of up to four additional input contact sensor devices
  • Mounts easily in unused side or rear channels; rugged TH-Module sensors can be mounted anywhere in the rack/enclosure
  • Protects critical assets from heat, humidity, smoke, water leaks or intrusion
  • Displays real-time environmental status to a PC, Internet-ready wireless device or network management system software
  • Aggregates real-time information from up to100 Environmental Rack Monitors and displays it a single Web page (an Eaton exclusive feature)
  • Scans the network (or a range of IP addresses specified by the user) to auto-discover other rack monitors in that subnet, and displays their real-time status in one table
  • Displays color graphs of heat/humidity trends, to identify areas for proactive action
  • Automatically notifies designated recipients by email of out-of-range conditions
  • Eliminates nuisance alarms with user-configurable alarm thresholds and the ability to disable alarms during maintenance
  • Retains historical environmental data even when the unit is powered off, and delivers archived data for trending, troubleshooting and analysis
  • Supports automated, remote upgrade of firmware for multiple rack monitors in a single broadcast session


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