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To help IT managers meet their rapidly escalating power requirements and complement UPS systems, Eaton offer a complete suite of Eaton Enclosure Power Distribution Units (ePDUs), which distribute power in high-density rack environments.
  • Plug-and-power architecture effectively distributes UPS power throughout high-density racks or wiring closets. Options available for single-phase and three-phase applications up to 17 kilowatts (KW), flexible enough for blade server and switchgear applications
  • User-selectable combination of NEMA, IEC and hardwired inputs and NEMA and IEC output receptacles
  • Protects against overload conditions and tripped breakers with continuous monitoring
  • Branch circuit protection standard, with UL 489-listed circuit breakers
  • Enhances power availability by using separate circuit breakers for groups of receptacles (most models) to limit the impact of overload conditions<
  • Saves valuable rack space with flexible mounting options, including 1U, 0U, wall and floor mounting

The comprehensive set of PDU product families is available in two dimensions --- tiered in both power capacity and in functionality --- enabling you to precisely match the combination of features and power rating needed for each application.

Eaton ePDU families by functionality

  • Basic: Reliable power distribution from the UPS to up to 24 receptacles in a rack or wiring closet, substantially reducing the number of plenum cables from input source to each rack

  • Metered: Includes all the features of the basic model, plus 24/7 monitoring and display of power utilization on any receptacle, branch circuit or the entire unit, to prevent overload conditions and tripped circuits
  • Monitored: Includes all the features of metered models, plus the ability to securely view the status of each circuit from anywhere on the company intranet or the Internet, and receive automated alerts of potential trouble
  • Managed: Includes all the features above, plus advanced Revelation technology to control remote server boot-up or electronically lock designated receptacles to prevent unauthorized use
  • Switched: Includes all of the features above, plus remote site management with remote power monitoring of both voltage and current

Eaton ePDU families by power rating

  • Standard: Up to 4 kW, 15 to 30A—to support up to six 1U/2U servers or peripherals
  • Mid-Range: 4 to 10 kW, 15A to 40A—supports up to 16 1U/2U servers or two blade server chassis
  • High-Range: 10 to 15 kW, 30A to 60A—supports up to 25 1U/2U servers or three blade server chassis
  • Ultra: 15 kW and up, 60A—supports up to four blade chassis and other power-hungry equipment


 Eaton Enclosure Power Distrubution Unit Data Sheet