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Providing reliable data center power distribution for both raised and non-raised floor applications, the Eaton PDU offers effective power management and monitoring in an integrated, factory-tested package. The Eaton PDU incorporates the Eaton Energy Management System to optimize both utilization and availability down to the branch circuit level, while the optional Power Xpert® Gateway Series 1000 Card provides Web-enabled, real-time monitoring for power quality status and fast response to power-related events.
  • Integrated isolation, monitoring, distribution and a wide array of options

  • Scalable architecture and space-saving design

  • Comprehensive monitoring and connectivity options

  • Unparalleled ease of use through front-access only design, top and bottom cable access, and spacious wire-ways

 Eaton PDU Front/Rear Access

 Eaton PDU Front Access



WaveStar PDU
The WaveStar® PDU protects critical computer equipment from electrical noise and spikes and acts as a single point reference ground. Each PDU can be individually configured to meet customer needs for isolation, voltage transformation, harmonic reduction and voltage regulation with virtually limitless distribution options. Standard TP-1 transformers make WaveStar PDUs ultra energy efficient, reducing long-term operating expenditures. Built-in system monitoring and diagnostics facilitate load balancing and warn of potential threats to critical equipment.


 Wavestar PDU Series



WaveStar PowerHub PDU
The PDI WaveStar® PowerHub® Power Distribution System provides the highest available power density of any PDU. PDI’s award-winning PDIQ intelligent monitoring system is standard with these units and integrates the proven PDU monitoring with PDI’s patented Branch Circuit Monitoring System for precise load control and management. Together these features result in:
  • Less Floor Space

  • Lower Energy Costs

  • Higher Density Power

  • Better Reliability


 WaveStar Powerhub PDU



WaveStar RPP Series
The drive for more power in less space at the server cabinet level is addressed with PDI’s RPP Series, which complements this change by offering the most options available in free-standing 2' x 2' distribution or server-sized enclosures. PDI has the most comprehensive line up of RPPs in the data center business.
  • Reduces the length of cable runs between PDU and individual loads

  • Optimizes usable floor space

  • Simplifies server consolidation plans

  • Meets the growth demands of dual cord equipment

  • Retrofits to any existing distribution system

  • Minimizes investment risk by allowing for incremental expansion of future facility

  • Unobstructed wiring access for ease of installation

 WaveStar RPP Series