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50-100 KW

The Eaton 93PM UPS combines unprecedented efficiency, reliability, and vertical or horizontal scalability with an eye-catching design available in white or grey. With its space-saving, flexible device — which is as easy to deploy as it is to manage — the 93PM is the perfect three-phase solution for today's data center environment. Key benefits include:
  • Lowest TCO --- The 93PM reduces power and cooling OPEX through industry-leading energy efficiency. At the same time, the unit conserves valuable data center floor space with its compact footprint and internal redundancy design. The vertical scalability also reduces cost and unexpected future growth risks, enabling you to scale as you grow.
  • Ease of Deployment --- With innovative thermal management options, flexible configurability and full service access from the front, the 93PM maximizes deployment flexibility. Furthermore, installation is simplified by the unit's seamless fit in line or alongside any standard-depth rack.
  • Ease of Management --- Boasting a large, user-friendly LCD touchscreen interface, the 93PM provides easier access to detailed status information. The UPS also optimizes server virtualization solutions through its full suite of power management and connectivity software, and increases uptime with 24x7 remote monitoring and reporting capabilities.


 Eaton 93PM Data Sheet