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All Eaton UPSs are bundled with free software featuring monitoring, analysis, management and shutdown capabilities. This exclusive Suite includes:
  • LanSafe v. 5 – Providing unattended, automatic, graceful shutdown during an extended power failure, LanSafe delivers comprehensive support including:
    • Patent-pending Cost $avings Calculator allows users to determine overall savings resulting from the monitoring system
    • Exclusive Stealth Mode Operation enables LanSafe to run in the background without visual traces
    • 3-D PowerScope and ControlRoom views eliminate the guesswork from UPS metering and status information
    • History View provides around-the-clock visual representation of the system event log in calendar format
    • Automatic Regional Settings Detection enables date, time, temperature and UPS receptacle graphics to be automatically selected according to the operating system's regional settings
  • NetWatch – This client software allows users to connect a server or workstation to a ConnectUPS-X, ConnectUPS-BD or Web/SNMP Card via a TCP/IP network connection.
  • PowerVision (30-day trial) – With this Windows-based software, users can proactively monitor the health and performance of UPS, power distribution and environmental systems across the enterprise from any location, enhancing the reliability of the entire power protection infrastructure.



  • The Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP) enables users to remotely monitor environmental conditions as easily as you monitor power conditions.

     Eaton EMP Data Sheet

  • The Eaton Modbus Card is an X-slot UPS connectivity device that provides continuous, reliable and accurate network monitoring of a UPS systems through a Building Management System (BMS).

     Eaton Modbus Data Sheet

  • The Multi-Server Card is a power quality connectivity product designed to allow management and independent control of multiple devices connected to a single UPS system.

     Multi-Server Data Sheet

  • The ConnectUPS WEB/SNMP Card enables remote monitoring while providing HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, WAP, Telnet, SSL, SSH compatibility and advanced RS232 communications.

     ConnectUPS Data Sheet

  • The Eaton Expansion Chassis allows users to easily configure a UPS-based power management system that supports the chosen network protocol.

     Eaton Expansion Chassis Data Sheet

  • The X-slot Universal Serial Bus (USB) Card is an X-slot connectivity device that allows a UPS system to communicate with a USB-compliant computer using LanSafe power management software



Many Eaton UPSs offer the capability of adding Extended Battery Modules (EBMs) to facilitate longer runtimes in desired applications.