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EATON 5125

1000 - 2200 VA

Providing advanced protection for PCs, workstations and servers, the Eaton 5125 Tower is the most flexible UPS system in the 1-2.2 kVA power range.
  • ABM® doubles battery service life, optimizes recharge time and provides advanced warning of the end of useful battery life
  • Optional Extended Battery Modules (EBMs) increase UPS battery runtime capability
  • Regulates power fluctuations with Buck and Boost voltage regulation—without using the battery
  • Load segments enable scheduled shutdowns and maximize backup times for critical devices
  • Network Transient Protector isolates networks, modems and cables from power surges and spikes
  • X-slot option cards extend power management capabilities
  • Hot-swappable UPS batteries minimize downtime and extend backup power time for critical devices
  • 2400/3000 VA UPS system models increase backup power runtime via hot-swappable electronics and UPS battery modules
  • Two-in-One UPS rack and tower form factor provides versatility
  • Fully integrates with Intelligent Power Software Suite for continuous up time of servers and virtual machines


 Eaton 5125 Data Sheet