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700 - 3000 VA

Packing up to 3 kVA of power into just 2U of rack space, the Eaton 9130 Rackmount UPS delivers online power quality and scalable battery runtimes ideal for for rack servers, voice and data networks, storage systems and other IT equipment. With an efficiency rating of greater than 95%, the 9130 UPS cuts energy costs while significantly extends battery service life..
  • Protects against downtime, data loss and process interruption by providing continuous clean power
  • Delivers exceptional performance with 0.9 power factor
  • Slashes energy usage and costs with greater than 95% efficiency rating
  • ABM® doubles battery service life, optimizes recharge time and provides advanced warning of the end of useful battery life
  • Optional Extended Battery Modules (EBMs) extend runtime capability
  • Load segments enable scheduled shutdowns and maximize backup time for critical devices
  • Internal hot-swappable batteries simplify service without powering down the connected load
  • Optional HotSwap Maintenance Bypass (MBP) enables entire UPS to be serviced or replaced without interrupting power to the load
  • Optional PowerPass® Distribution Modules (PPDMs) offer bypass and other features for maintenance or upgrade without powering down critical systems


 Eaton 9130RM Data Sheet