Packet Power

Packet Power’s wireless power and environmental monitoring systems are among the most widely used in the data center industry. Simple to install, configure and manage, these solutions make it easier and less expensive to obtain valuable information that can lower costs, avoid outages and improve operational effectiveness. Products include:

Packet Power Smart Power Cables

By incorporating metering in a power cord and accessing energy usage data via a wireless network, Smart Power Cables have revolutionized branch circuit monitoring. Providing a single monitoring system that works across all equipment, the cables can be used with any device with a plug without having to uninstall existing equipment. 

Packet Power Multi-Circuit Monitoring

Packet Power’s wireless multi-meter monitors allow easy, flexible and affordable power monitoring of existing equipment, from measuring the main infeed circuit to a panel to monitoring several circuits on a switchgear.

Packet Power Branch Circuit Monitoring

Allocate energy costs, avoid unplanned outages and balance loads across phases with Packet Power’s flexible wireless panel monitoring solutions. Easily install monitoring to any panelboard, RPP or PDU with fully pre-configured wiring harnesses.

Packet Power DC Monitoring

Capturing energy usage on circuits ranging from 20 to 3,000 Amps on 5-24V, 48V and 200-380V DC systems, Packet Power’s self-configuring wireless mesh network offers an easy, cost-effective monitoring approach — enabling rapid deployment of a few or a few thousand monitors.

Packet Power Environmental Monitoring

Combining industry-leading flexibility, easy installation and low cost, Packet Power’s range of wireless environmental monitors track temperature, relative humidity and differential pressure where needed.