Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

PDUs play a critical role in achieving high availability in power management systems. YokaPower offers a broad range of Eaton PDUs to meet the varied needs of multiple applications, from basic rackmount models to advanced units capable of comprehensive monitoring and control. Our PDU lineup includes:

Eaton PDU

Providing unparalleled ease of use with a scalable architecture and front-access design, the Eaton PDU can be deployed on both non-raised and raised floors. Offering comprehensive monitoring and alarming down to the branch circuit level, the product incorporates Eaton’s Energy Management System (EMS) to optimize utilization and availability.

Eaton Wavestar Power Hub

Providing the highest available power density of any PDU, the Eaton WaveStar PowerHub integrates PDU monitoring with a patented branch circuit monitoring system, enabling precise load control and management. Facilitating lower energy costs and enhanced reliability.

Eaton Remote Power Panel (RPP)

Highly customizable with extensive monitoring capabilities, Eaton’s RPP provides unmatched power distribution in a highly compact footprint. Available in a choice of standard or rack depth cabinets with up to four panel boards — each with 42 circuit breakers — the RPP enables monitoring down to the branch circuit level, thanks to the loaded Energy Management System to ensure easy and effective power management.

Eaton PowerPak 2 PDU

Offering a powerful combination of flexibility, modularity, intelligence and safety, the PowerPak 2 is one of the most versatile PDUs on the market. Designed and engineered to meet the exact needs of your specific application, the device is available in hundreds of possible configurations, while boasting the smallest footprint and true front access for service and maintenance.

Eaton Rack PDU

Offering form factor and receptacle choices to meet varied application needs, the basic rackmount PDU feature Eaton’s patented IEC outlet grip plug retention, color-coded outlet sections, a low-profile form factor, branch circuit protection and a high operating temperature threshold.

Eaton Modular Compact Remote Power Panel

With more than 150 possible configurations, the Modular Compact Remote Power Panel combines flexibility, modularity and versatility in a 12” x 24” footprint. With the ability to be field-modified, the highly configurable unit can be deployed in a wall-mount, in-tile, on-tile or multi-unit configuration. Furthermore, the RPP’s flexible panelboard distribution, isolated high and low voltage compartments within the main cabinet, intelligent power monitoring and adaptable service entrances make it ideal for even the most demanding mission-critical facilities.

Eaton ePDU G3

Delivering best-in-class power distribution to rack equipment, the Eaton ePDU G3 rackmounted PDU enables simplified installation, enhanced operation and maximized control of a power environment. The tiered G3 portfolio is available in multiple form factors with capabilities ranging from basic power distribution to advanced power management and precision control.