Veris Industries

Veris Industries manufactures a complete line of innovative monitoring solutions that provide valuable capabilities for critical power applications. Solutions include:

E3x Brochure (pdf)

E3X (50 mA to 100 A)

Monitoring the current, voltage, instantaneous power, demand and energy consumption of each circuit in a panelboard, the E3X monitoring system provides a cost-effective solution for electrical load management. Ideal for applications with dynamic loads, the E3X helps prevent costly downtime by triggering user-configured alarm thresholds when a circuit is approaching overload.

E5x Brochure (pdf)

E5x Series

The E5x Series DIN Rail Meter is one of the most versatile and cost-effective energy monitoring solutions, combining high reliability, revenue-grade measurements and easy installation. With the ability to be installed on standard DIN rail or surface-mounted as needed, the E5x also provides system integration flexibility with Modbus, LON, and BACnet output models. Data logging capabilities; combinations of serial communication, pulse output, and phase alarms; additional pulse inputs; and bi-directional monitoring are available on specific models.

E34x Brochure (pdf)


The E34x Series Multi-Circuit Meters reduces the cost of both equipment and installation by enabling the addition of multiple revenue-grade metering points — without having to purchase, mount, wire and commission individual energy meters. With the ability to measure the current, voltage, power and energy consumption of up to 14 three-phase circuits with a single board, or up to 28 three-phase circuits with a two-board configuration, the E34x provides the accuracy needed for tenant billing applications.


Combining exceptional metering performance with a built-in integrator and power supply, the E5xxxA Series DIN Rail Meter offers a cost-effective, easily installed solution for power monitoring applications. Multiple communication protocol options provide flexibility for easy system integration, while E5xxxA devices work exclusively with Veris E683x Series rope CTs for fast connection and convenient installation in tight spaces. Specific models in the series offer data logging capability for protection in the event of a power or communications failure, as well as serial communication, pulse output and phase alarms to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications.

E20 Brochure (pdf)


E20 power and energy meters feature innovative three-phase networked power transducers that calibrate measurement electronics, high accuracy industrial grade CTs and fusing protection in a single package — saving time and increasing system-level accuracy. Offering maximum application flexibility for retrofit applications, the E20 meters eliminate the need for external mounting, significantly reducing the time and cost of both installation and configuration. Communicating models support auto detection of baud rate, parity and protocol for Modbus RTU and BACnet MS/TP.