Software & Connectivity

In today’s mission-critical environments, the ability to view power conditions is imperative to maintaining uptime and high availability. YokaPower offers a full spectrum of Eaton power management software and connectivity solutions that make monitoring seamless — from a single UPS to an entire data center and everything in between. In addition, we can provide products to help your facility operate more efficiently. We work with you to help determine the optimal solution for your environment.

Advanced Software Solutions

Eaton Intelligent Power Manager (IPM)

Eaton’s innovative IPM software provides all of the tools needed to monitor and manage power devices in both physical and virtual environments. Ensuring system uptime and data integrity by facilitating remote monitoring, management and control of UPSs and other network devices, IPM is easy to use and instrumental to maintaining business continuity.

Eaton IPM Brochure (pdf)

Eaton Visual Power Manager (VPM)

Easy to use and deploy, Eaton’s VPM software simplifies day-to-day monitoring and helps maintain business continuity. By enabling you to visualize the power infrastructure in your data center, you can take necessary actions to ensure continuous uptime of critical applications.

Eaton VPM Brochure (pdf)

Eaton PredictPulse Remote Monitoring Service

PredictPulse is a cloud-based monitoring and management service that collects and analyzes data from connected power infrastructure devices, providing Eaton with the insight needed to make recommendations and take action on your behalf. You can also add predictive analytics to the service through Eaton PredictPulse Insight, the first cloud-based data center infrastructure service to predict the failure of power components, shifting power monitoring from a reactive to a proactive model.

  • Reduces risks with proactive monitoring, critical alarms and predictive analytics
  • Provides peace of mind knowing Eaton experts are watching to ensure devices achieve 100 percent uptime
  • Identifies risks of component failure through sensors and algorithms that proactively spot issues, with Eaton field techs verifying and replacing parts ahead of failures

PredictPulse Brochure (pdf)

Eaton Cellwatch

Cellwatch is an automated monitoring system for large-scale installations that enables users to quickly identify and isolate battery issues long before a failure occurs. The technology deliversprompt notification of potential vulnerabilities, often detecting problems months before they pose a risk to operations.

Eaton Cellwatch Brochure (pdf)

Connectivity Solutions

Eaton Gigabit Network Card (Network-M2)

Eaton’s latest UPS network management card provides new and exciting capabilities and features, including better speed and built-in cybersecurity. The card improves business continuity by providing warnings of pending issues and helping to perform orderly equipment shutdown.

Eaton Gigabit Network Card Brochure (pdf)

Eaton Network Card-MS

Enabling an Eaton UPS to directly connect to the Ethernet network and the Internet, the card supports real-time monitoring and control of UPSs across the network via a standard Web browser, SNMP-compliant network management system or power management software.

Eaton Power Xpert Gateway UPS Card

The Power Xpert Gateway UPS card enables remote monitoring and management of Eaton UPSs through real-time email alarms and data logging. The card is compatible with units that include an X-Slot.